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Dead or Love

A paradise of love and desire,
and the fated romance you find…

An epic of suspense and romance.
Who will you choose to live with in a paradise of love and desire?
Will you be able to escape alive?!

▼Character Description
Name: Eiji
Age: 30
Height: 6’0″
Weight: 154 lb
Birthday: 11/11
Blood Type: O
Interests: Archeology, astronomy
Talents: Kenpo, darts
Personality: Cheerful, sincere, life of the party. A positive thinker who is never disheartened.
Background: Although he appears to be a young, talented battlefield doctor, he has ulterior motives which may have something to do with his family…

▼Gameplay Instruction
Advancing is easy. By tapping the screen, you can advance the story and can enjoy being the heroine of this romance.
By the choices you make during the story, you can obtain beautiful stills, and enjoy sweeter developments.